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La Splash Magazine Nocturne Review

"Wollrab does a skilled, compelling job as the beleaguered teen who finds himself rudderless and unsupported as he enters adulthood. Wollrab is also adept at taking on the roles of others in his odyssey."

"...Given Jamie Wollrab’s virtuoso performance, it may also serve as a master acting class."


- Elaine L. Mura

Splash Magazines

Jamie Wollrab Resume
Nocturne Review

"The solo show runs approximately 90 minutes, during which time Wollrab never leaves the stage nor takes a sip of water while speaking Rapp's poetic and intensely emotional lines. I guarantee tears will well up more than once in your eyes"

- Shari Barrett

Broadway World

Nocturne Daily News Review

"Wollrab’s actorly concentration was so intense, he either didn’t notice or he retained his professionalism and committed to his character’s story."

- Dany Margolies

Daily News